For goodness sake.


Some days it is easy to see the good in our lives. Other days, not so much. Ironically enough, those are the exact days when it is most important to remember the good...

Being aware that even though there is plenty of negative, I've found during the darkest days of my life it has helped immensely to put effort into recognizing and focusing on the positive. As little as it seems at the moment, and as small a detail as something may seem, those little "goods" are always there. Always.

Good things:

- A couple of sunny days
- Open windows at work
- It's FRIDAY!
- Sleeping C pressed warmly to my side as I type this
- Booked vacations with and without the girls
- K's face at new hand-me-down clothes
- K did awesome announcing and singing at her Spring Program
- Funny people at work

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