My other child

I realized that I've been talking a lot about the younger of my two daughters a lot lately in this space. It seems that when a particular girl is requiring more of my attention and time than the other, it translates here.

I thought I would take time tonight to fill you in on K and her recent happenings. In January she turned 8. Yep, you heard me right. EIGHT. She has improved majorly over the course of the school year and at this point is carrying an "almost" straight-A grade card (does one B+ count?) Her true personality is starting to blossom in a big way. She's a bit of a slob. She would spend all day lounging in her room watching tv in her pj's and robe if we let her. She likes her "alone time" and has slowly lost all patience with her sister. They can barely be in the same room these days, which explains why you can hear K bellow "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" whenever C even dares to step over the threshold of her sister's room. The beginnings of a lifetime of moodswings (I'm sure) have began and some days I just don't know how to talk to her. Other days, she is the sweetest little thing who I feel like I can discuss just about anything with. I do believe we are beginning to get a glimpse of the young lady that she will be someday soon. Sooner than I ever expected.

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