A return to regularly scheduled programming...

I had a really good day today. It's been a while since I've really been able to say that. Nothing incredible happened, nothing particularly special or fascinating either. Just a Wednesday, my day off work.

I think a big part of my inner peace today has to do with the weather. We are being blessed with a short preview of springlike weather, and I'm soaking up every single minute of it. Winter has been far from my favorite season this year and I am so looking forward to warmer, sunny days and time spent comfortably outside.

I ran around all morning, running errands on my own. It was kind of peaceful. A little retail therapy never hurts either. Even though it was to buy BIGGER jeans than I've ever bought in my life... sigh. Being 30 has not been a pleasant road physically, but I suppose that comes with the territory. I softened that blow with the purchase of a new bag ON CLEARANCE! Yea!

I made a hair appointment for noon and decided to change into my new jeans before the appointment in Kohl's parking lot. Yeah, just picture me struggling around in the driver's seat trying to look normal from the waist up for the passerby's while stripping my pants and dawning my crisp new Levi's. Ha!

Even another quite-not-complete visit for the girls at the dentist didn't bring me down. Nor did the note from C's teacher about her bad behavior today. Life is too short. I realize that, today.

The haircut made me feel like me again. The feeling of a 'do that you're happy with is priceless. Top it off with taco night and this solitary moment plugged into my computer with beautiful tunes streaming through my ear buds, and I'm one happy girl (well, for now).

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