Insane in the membrane

Some days I wonder if having children has seriously put my sanity in danger. Today was one of those days.

It was a complete roller coaster as far as my girls were concerned. It began with a giggly cuddle with C in her bed, reminding me just how sweet and fun she can be. However, within the hour I was reminded of just how defiant and rebellious she can be. Once her sister was up and added to the mix, things only got worse. They can't seem to even be in the same room anymore without vicious battles breaking out.

Throughout the day, we had moments of closeness and adoration, followed by giant screaming fits and physical outbursts, and then back again. I can't even pinpoint what exactly the problem was other than they JUST DON'T LISTEN.

I thought it would be a good idea to split them up for a while so I took C to the grocery with me and made a little side-trip to the shoe store for some new tennis shoes for her. Boy, that was a mistake. And I should have known it. I swear every time I think she's ready to bring along peacefully on errands like that, I regret it. She's not.

But, on that very same trip of whining and tantrums all throughout Kroger, we also managed to make a pitstop on the way home for a couple of cute photos with complete cooperation.
See? Roller coaster. God, save my sanity.

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