Day 25- What I would find in your bag

Oh jeez. This could be an interesting one :o)

First, let me tell you about my bag. Two years ago on my birthday, Mom and I took the day off and had a girls day out. We went shopping, and she bought me this purse. I was drawn to it immediately and it was everything I was looking for in a bag. It was roomy (you'll see why this is so important to me later), shoulder straps, sturdy. I have carried this bag since that very day, and I have received countless compliments on it. Everyone from random strangers in a store to the nurse at the surgery center. Now, you see, I feel sort of stuck with this bag. I love it, don't get me wrong, but it's starting to look a bit tattered. The problem is finding a suitable replacement! I can't find anything similar and while parusing other styles, nothing is popping out. So, for now I'm sticking with this beauty, tattered leather straps and all.
Now, inside this "luggage" that I carry is pretty much anything and everything I might need on a daily basis, plus a slew of wrappers and sucker sticks floating around in the bottom. Eh-hem... here goes:
* Giraffe patterened wallet clutch, stuffed to the gills with credit cards, insurance cards, photos, drivers license, receipts and spare change.
* My Canon Powershot SX10 in this cover.
* Cell phone
* ipod nano minus earbuds
* datebook
* sketchpad
* tons of random pens, crayons and papers
* camera batteries
* pill case with Aleve
* keyring with keys
* thumbdrive
* hair bands
* suckers and gum, possibly a granola bar or two
* bandaids
* sometimes a random paperback book or cd wrapped in a home-made paper wrapper
* If I'm lucky, a small pack of tissues
* God knows what else - it's a bit of a black hole, actually

See, there is just no way I can downsize this list. Every bit of it is necessary. Well, maybe not the gum wrappers, but even those come in handy occasionally.

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