Day 23- Something you crave a lot

Another no-brainer here :o) CHOCOLATE!!
I know I'm far from unique with this one, but I will admit that not a single day goes by that I don't crave a big chunk of chocolate. Preferably Hershey's. Preferably with NUTS. Preferably almonds. But I'm not picky - milk or dark, even white for that matter. I love chocolate.

Here's a funny fact about me and chocolate... I grew up totally hating it. Seriously! It all stemmed from when I was four and had a hernia surgery. I specifically remember laying on the floor in front of the tv, eating a big bowl of chocolate ice cream - the best way to recover afterall ;o) And apparently I threw it all up. From that very moment, chocolate was gross.

In fact, in kindergarten I told the teacher that I as allergic to chocolate so she would bring me something special whenever our snack contained even a chip of the stuff. Although, at five years old, I'm pretty sure I really thought I WAS allergic to it. For all I knew, not liking something meant you had an allergy...

I can't seem to pinpoint the moment that chocolate re-entered my life. I know that the aversion lasted for quite a few years, but I also know that by Junior High, I was back to enjoying it's yumminess... By the time I was an adult, I was not only enjoying it, but it had become a necessary staple in my diet. Just as it should be :o)

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