Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else?

I'm me. I like to think that I'm unique, but oddly enough when I sit down and try to single out why, it doesn't come easily. So I asked for some help. When I asked hubby what makes me different, he responded (without skipping a beat) that I think outside the box. That I think about things differently than everyone else. It was hard for him to explain, but I think I see what he means. I try to look at things from every angle. Try to focus on what should be the focus and not necessarily what everyone else focuses on. This applies to just about any situation from my everyday challenges, to my work, to really big decisions, to my photography and art. I guess this explains why it is so hard for me to make a big decision on my own and why I tend to become obsessive about everything. I roll it over and over in my head until it's made a home there.

I think it's also where my idea for The Noticers stems from. Noticing what others don't. Seeing things differently; more than just the conventional beauties. Of course, it's not a completely new concept. Stop and smell the roses. Maybe my goal of inspiring as many people as I can to do just that is what makes me different.

However, I do little things the "wrong" way. I read a magazine from back to front. I (always) wait too long for a haircut. I don't see the point in making your bed unless someone who doesn't often come over will be seeing it. I wait entirely too long to fold and put laundry away, but I hate digging through the baskets for an outfit. I am quite forgetful - just ask my hubby who seriously thinks I purposefully forget him on a daily basis. I can't cook. I just can't. I read the last page way before I get to that part. I drive with my right hand at six o'clock and the left wherever it wants to be. I spank my children. Yes, I said it.

So, I suppose that I am somewhat unique afterall.

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