Challenge me!

Yesterday I had a bit too much caffeine and found myself laying in bed wide awake at midnight. My thoughts stumbled upon my blogs and other peoples blogs that I read. I have noticed a lot of different "projects" being discussed in the blogging world since the turn into 2011. It seems just about everyone is working on some sort of personal challenge or project of shorts. Obviously, I am no stranger to this concept. At this very moment I have two of my very own in progress, as a matter of fact. To be honest, I don't really have time in my life to handle any more then "Project 365" and the "30 day blog challenge" at the same time. However, so many of these other bloggers' projects have me intrigued and itching to give them a shot. I don't know what it is about these things, but they call to me. Anyways, I am thinking about making my 2011 "the year of challenges" and just roll with it. 8-10 projects or challenges, each lasting about 30 days or so, all beginning with my "30 day blog challenge" of course! Project 365 will continue to roll on as usual, but these others will be bonus.

I am sloshing different ideas around in my head and have quite a few ideas. This (29 Gifts) & this (30 day photo challenge) for instance. So here's where I open it up to you. Any project or challenge ideas for me? C'mon! Shoot them out there! Challenge me! Help me to enrich myself and have a little fun. Maybe you can play along with me!

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