[Day Swap!] Day 14- Document a day in your life

Yes, today was the big day. I will admit that today was not my typical sort of Tuesday. Yes, I did work, yes the usual things did happen. But some extra credit was also thrown in (presumably for entertainment purposes). Lucky you.
(fyi - this is gonna be a long post - you might want to take a potty break before you begin... lol)

The day started bright and early, as it should on the days I go to work...yuck.

The first thing I noticed was that, well, I was freezing to death! I checked the thermostat only to find out that the furnace hadn't ran all night and low and behold, it was 57 degrees in the house! Hubby got up and found the pilot light wouldn't stay lit... fabulous.

After I took a long, HOT shower and got ready, it was time to get C up and get her ready for school. She was none too pleased.

She and I headed out the door around 6:45ish and I dropped her off at daycare. I had a library book to return and then I was on my way - about 45 more minutes til I make it to work... I'm diligently watching my speed these days after that unfortunate incident a couple of weeks ago involving speeding and a ticket... Anyway I drove.
And drove.
Just 20 more minutes or so to go! At this point all I can think about is getting there and getting a warm drink in my hands...
Finally, I made it. 8 o'clock on the dot. Good. Now I just need to walk in and get this day started. Officially.

Yeah, it's freezing in the office. Fingerless gloves and a fleece blanket are in order for today!

By noon, I'm getting a little bleary-eyed...
1:30 = Lunchtime at my desk. Frozen meals are my specialty. Yum. I guess.
Work has slowed down. It's January afterall - slow season. Time to kick back for a sec and laugh it up with the coworkers for a few.
Mid-afternoon, hubby calls me with some bad news about the furnace. Apparently we are getting a new one tomorrow... Ugh. Just what I wanted to hear!
After a bit more work, it's time for an afternoon snack :o)
Work, work, work. This afternoon drags on for what seems like forever...
6:30pm - Finally! Time to head out - see ya guys!
Now I'm starving to death, but I've got to stop and pick K up from girl scouts on the way home. In a bit of a hurry, I spot this oasis at the half-way point :o)
As I drive along, shoving a chicken sandwich down my throat, I'm apparently not as diligent about watching the speedometer as I was this morning...Well crap! A little begging later and I'm on my way once again with a warning slip and much closer attention to my speed. But now I'm gonna be a few minutes late.
7:36 - I reach my destination and pick up this smiling face. I love her.
On our way again, here we are. Finally pulling in the driveway at
A welcoming sight when arriving home to a house with no heat. Thank goodness we have a fireplace!
A little castle building, book reading and homework later, it's time to tuck my babies in for the night. Burying them in mountains of blankets in their cold, cold bedrooms. K is first. She wants to continue the story I've been fabricating for several nights about the plush rabbits in her bed.
C is next. She wants some cuddle time with mommy. It's been pretty rough on her with me getting home so late that I've let her convince me to lay with her for a few minutes at night. Heck, I missed my cuddle time too!

In just a few minutes, she is out like a light and I settle down in front of the fireplace with my laptop and Eli to get this all down. It's this quiet time of night that I enjoy most. Time to finally relax. Time to unwind and recoup from the day. Afterall, I've got to get up tomorrow morning and do it all over again.

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