Day 18- Accomplishments that you're most proud of

Here we go. Time to toot my own horn, so to speak...

I have made so many mistakes in my days, but there are just a few big accomplishments that I hold onto in my heart that force me to realize that I am not such a bad gal.

My first majorly proud moment was the day I was told that I was to receive the full scholarship that I had applied for. Not only did they think I was worthy of a free ride to college, but now I didn't have to worry about where I (and my mom) were going to have to come up with the money! I was ecstatic. So ecstatic, in fact, that I went out and totaled my car later that day, but we won't go there right now... lol.

I only have one other big accomplishment that I will always be proud of and hold onto. When I was (finally) pregnant with my K, I was part of this aforementioned group of other moms to be. I had never even considered breastfeeding my babies until discussing it with these ladies. While I had never been close to any mothers who breastfed or at least discussed it, these girls talked about it like it was a given. It was THE way to feed your child. They made me realize how important it was to me to give this gift to my baby. It was not going to be easy, but it was going to be worth it.

I was right. In every way. It was challenging, frustrating, painful, exhausting, and the most beautiful experience of my life. Knowing that she was growing and thriving, nourished completely by my body alone gave me the greatest sense of accomplishment. It was what I felt was best for my children, and I was able to provide it. We never had to dish out the gazillions of dollars that formula would have cost us. Sure, my work breaks were spend in a stinky bathroom every day, pumping milk for the following day, but it was worth it. Hubby wasn't able to wake in the night to feed her, but it was worth it. And I am proud to say that I nursed both of my girls for more then a year each. Every minute was worth it.

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