Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one

I think to answer this question, I need to go back a little further than when I decided to start blogging...

I first discovered the reality of online connections with distant strangers way back in 2001 when I went online in search of some kind of support after the loss of our first pregnancy. I joined a group of awesome ladies whom were all in my same situation - having trouble conceiving again after a miscarriage. I connected with these ladies in a way I never thought possible for never having met a single one of them. We grieved with each other, laughed with each other and cheered each other on, not just in the aspect of getting pregnant, but in everything. I came to call them friends, many of which I am still in contact with today.

I learned that the internet can be so much more than a search engine. It connects you to people all around the world that you would have never had the opportunity to know otherwise. Over the years, I have made many friends online and many of them have blogs, which I began reading regularly. A lot of people have blogrolls on theirs (lists of other blogs that they read), which led me to more and more blogs to read and enjoy and learn from. Many of the blogs that I read are written by people who don't even know I exist. The idea of writing out your thoughts for people all over the world to read and possibly enjoy was intriguing to me. Just another way to be creative. Just another way to connect with new people. Just another way to express myself. Not to mention, log these precious years for my daughters to read later and look back knowing just how I felt raising them, something I wish I could do.

So, in June 2007 I did it. With a simple "Intro - here's who I am" sort of post, I joined the blogging world. I have never regretted a minute of it, and I'll continue to write in this space until I feel I've said my fill (probably forever). Whether anyone besides me reads it is no matter.

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