Day 11- Long term goals for this year/5 years from now/10 years from now?

Here we go with another "GOALS" question... Hmmm, let me think...

This year:
To quote a certain someone I know, "In a perfect world..." here is what I would like to happen this year. So much of this depends on so many variables that are out of our control, I'm honestly not holding my breath. Regardless, I would be ecstatic if hubby's injured back miraculously improved and allowed him to go back to work, hopefully at a great job that he loves. Number two on the list is the hope that we will be able to sell our house, qualify for a new mortgage and move into a nice home (within the school district we want, with space for all of us to have our own special spaces). One big goal in the front of my mind these days is getting C into kindergarten. I am concerned about how much weight they put into the speech factor when deciding readiness at screening. We've also got to get her open enrollment application (as well as her sister's) to go exactly as we hope. I'd like to be up to date on my scrapbooks, and of course finish off my project 365. So much depends on the money factor, of course. I'd love for Hubby to get himself a new truck this fall when C (hopefully!) goes off to kindergarten (and frees up loads of money that is currently going towards daycare). Somewhere along the way, I'd love to be able to go on a great vacation. Step one is to get the credit card paid down before it suffocates us all.

5 years from now:
Healthy and happy children are at the top of this list. In five years, K will become a teenager and C will be hitting the double-digits. I hope hubby is still able to work and is as pain-free as he can be. I would have time to be creative and maybe even start painting again. I'm hoping we'll be in a better place financially and be able to live comfortably, even putting money away regularly.

10 years from now:
It's hard to imagine exactly where we'll be ten whole years from now. I'd love to be able to say we are proud of the way our growing daughters were turning out. That year K will be turning 18 and C 15. Wow. What kind of people will they be? One big goal of mine is to attempt to maintain a close relationship with each of them through their teenage years. I know this is a huge feat to tackle, but I would love to be that mom who they feel completely comfortable going to about anything. Hopefully we had been putting away money for college and are still able to live comfortably. Hubby and I would still be doing whatever it is that makes us happiest.

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