Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

Well. Hmm. I suppose that by putting these things in writing, I will feel a bit more compelled to stick with them, huh? Well, we'll see...

In the next month (or so), I'd like to go room by room through my house and do a major cleaning-out. We have so much STUFF. Unnecessary stuff, you know? It needs a good deep cleaning too, but that can't happen until some of this stuff disappears.

I also want to reorganize my desk and try to make it possible to sit in there and work on my cards and scrapbooks again. It's sort of become a catch-all in our bedroom, and it's really hampered my creativity.

In other short-term goals, I'd like to finish out this challenge, start eating better and possibly work out a bit (that may be pushing it... lol) ultimately losing a few of these extra 10 lbs that I seem to have collected over the past couple of months.

So, there it is. A bunch of goals that feel practically unattainable right now. But they're out there for all to see now. That should conjure up a glimmer of motivation, right?

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