Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

There is a place right here in my home state that has over the years become very dear to my heart.

When hubby and I were dating, we took a day trip to the hills to for some hiking and fresh air. Instead, I got seriously carsick and didn't enjoy a single minute of it, UNTIL we pulled over at the beginning of a trail so he could stretch his legs for a bit while I sat in the car, trying to calm my tummy. After a few minutes, he came jogging back up the path to the car telling me I needed to come see what was at the end of the trail. So, after a short walk and some fresh air, we came upon a giant cove of rock, an amazing floor of sand and sandstone, and a beautiful flowing waterfall. Instantly, the sickness disappeared.

Over the years, we spent many weekends in those hills, every time visiting that very spot. On Halloween in 1998, while there on a day trip we had climbed up to the shelf behind the waterfall to snap some photos. After I had taken one looking down to the sand below, I turned around to see him holding a ring! He asked me to marry him and the rest of the day was a complete blur.

We returned to the hills for our Honeymoon and of course we visited what to us will always be "our" cave. We've even taken the girls there, as well as my mom, brother and nephew on a weekend trip to the hills with them. It is simply amazing.

Here is "our" cave, where our names are carved and many special memories have been carved into our minds... Ash Cave, Hocking Hills

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