2010 in review

2010 was another year of ups and downs for our family. A few more downs than ups, but we have survived it quite well, I think. When the year began, Hubby and I were both in comfortable jobs, our family was healthy and had just had a great Christmas.

This year:
• K turned 7 and finished 1st grade.
• Hubby's back went out again and he went on temporary disability in March.
• Hubby's Mom passed away without warning on March 13th. It was very hard on all of us.
• C turned 4 and moved to the Butterfly class at Preschool.
• I turned 30.
• My job of 10 years was moved an hour away and my two friends lost their jobs. I decided to follow my job and officially became a commuter in September.
• K started 2nd grade and her teacher retired half way through the year (this is actually a good thing).
• Hubby turned 32.

Here's to a 2011 full of happier big events.

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