Through my dirty windshield

It's been too long again. Life's been busy. The good news is that I received my Christmas gift to myself early this year and now I can sit cuddled up in my chair under a blanket to post. Hopefully, this will help with my frequency issues! I have had blog ideas floating around in my head, but no motivation to cross the room and sit over there in the cold at the desktop to post. So, here we go. Hopefully the start of another blogging spree! :o)

A few weeks ago, before the daylight savings change, I found myself driving home from work each evening directly into the sunset. It was nearly impossible for me not to attempt a few shaky shots through my dirty windshield. Simply, utterly beautiful. Here are just a few examples...

More ramblings coming soon!

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1 comment:

ahphotogirl said...

Nice to see I am not the only photog that takes photos through a dirty windshield! :0) Some of mine have been published in the paper.