Still treading water

Everything is still so unsure, work-wise. As things stand, I have one more week before two of my closest friends go jobless and I become a temporary commuter... ugh. Just praying for a miracle at this point.

On the plus side, I have a handfull of happiness keeping me afloat this morning...

A great night out last night with "the girls". You know that table full of girls in the corner of the restaurant cackling so loud you can't even concentrate on your meal? Well, that's us :o) It's something I hope more than anything we can all keep up even after we don't work together anymore.

We're on the brink of a long weekend and it couldn't have come at a better time.

A cold front trudged through and now the weather forecast is absolutely perfect! Nothing does more to lift my spirit than a sky full of sunshine and time to actually enjoy it.

Our only plans are to attend a birthday party at the park this afternoon.

A stack of good books are calling my name. I just don't know where to start!

The girls are both content entertaining themselves at the moment, and I may just have a moment to go crawl back in bed for a few... happy Saturday!

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1 comment:

Jaimee said...

Hey Ang, hang in there!!! I hope the job situation gets better! Cute pics of the girls below, I cannot believe how big they are getting!