It was another long week. Not horribly bad, but long. This morning, I woke up early to C's usual "mommy, where are you?'s" and found her bed soaking wet. After cleaning her up, starting the wash and making her breakfast (all while being followed by a little voice full of why's and how's and what's), her big sister woke and I made her breakfast too. Settling them in front of the tv, I attempted to crawl back into bed and fight off the wakefulness. That didn't work so well because it wasn't long before C showed up in our room explaining that the bathroom sink wouldn't work. "what?" I said, half asleep. Rising to investigate, I discovered she was right. The bathroom sink wouldn't work. And no other sink for that matter. No water whatsoever.

Now as I type, the well guy has shown up and hubby has taken a break from his building the building project he's been recently obsessed with to explain the water-less matter at hand. Please don't let it be the well pump again. Again. We already replaced that less than five years ago...

Even with all of these little troubles, I sit her relaxed. I can hear the girls squeal and play on the swingset in the yard. The dogs bark, chasing each other and run from door to door of the house trying to get a glimpse of the foreign truck and guy in our yard with hubby. Things are not perfect, but they are fine. Just fine.

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