After the rain

When this week began, it felt a lot like this photograph. A little hazy & not so clear on whether is is the beginning or the end - sunrise or sunset.

By Tuesday, I felt a lot better. Things were starting to clear up and I felt better just having made the decision which has been weighing in me for a few weeks now. I decided to do it. I am officially now a commuter. And other than the feels-like-forever drive each way, I am actually kind of enjoying it. New people, new surroundings, same old work. That - I can live with. I can't handle too much change at one time anyway ;o)

After finishing this week and 5 full days of driving, I have come to a few conclusions. First, I really need to look into some more good music and audio books for my ride. Second, my faith that I had babies with the perfect man has been confirmed once again - he is awesome. And finally, change doesn't always have to be awful. They way you look at and choose to handle situations can make all the difference in the outcome. And while things still aren't perfect in our little corner, at least I don't have to add unemployment to that little list of stresses...

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1 comment:

Roof said...

Soooo Sweet Ang! So very happy that things turned out ok.