The glass...

... it's feeling pretty empty at the moment. I've always been a "glass-half-empty" kinda girl, but today it's feeling more like three-quarters or so.

I won't go into the gritty details, but the money situation in our house is not looking so good these days. It doesn't help that some (sneaky little) idiot managed to get into hubby's paypal account and charge nearly $700 worth of itunes purchases to our debit card over the weekend. Oh, and it will only take 10 business days for the fraud department to refund the money - AFTER they mail us an affidavit to sign and get it back to them... sigh. Yeah, we didn't have anything else that money was going towards -- LIKE OUR HOUSE PAYMENT!!!! Grrr.

I took the girls to the dentist today. K was great as usual. C on the other hand, not so much. She refused to even let the hygienist touch her. The dentist was no help either, after a quick peek in her mouth, he decided he didn't want to "traumatize" her by forcing her into a cleaning. So, basically it was a waste to even pick her up from daycare and take her.

Hubby is not sleeping. Like BARELY a wink. What does this do to him? Well, you know that scene from the Exorcist? Yeah. Times 10. We're all just trying to steer clear. The money problem isn't helping the situation, I'm sure.

Our kitty, Socks is sick. She spent a good 12 hours not moving behind a chair in the living room last night. When I attempted to get her out of there this morning, the poor thing had the grossest episode that I will spare you the details of (all over me - sending me retching to the bathroom at top speed). I did manage to get her corintened in the small bathroom before I left for work. God, I hope she's going to be okay. She is the sweetest little furry soul I've ever known.

Please, God, let this glass fill up a little before I completely lose my mind.

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Roof said...

My Goodness Ang! Boy I hope things get better! When you hit rock bottom it can only go up! If you need anything call me!

Roof said...

Just can't resist change can you!Looks great

Ang said...

Thanks again Tracee. Nope, for some reason I just can't settle on a look -- almost like it has to fit my mood or something...