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Today I called in "sick". As you may guess, with "sick" being in parenthesis, it was more of a "mental health" sort of day. We all need those once in a while, don't you think?

I did my parental duty and got up early to feed and clothe my children. I picked up their cousin and carted them all to school, right as it was time for their days to start. I kissed them each goodbye, drove myself home, humming a silly little song to myself all the way. Returning home, I found hubby right where I knew I would - still softly snoring in the morning light of our room. I had so many plans for the day, so many things I wanted to accomplish. But, in that moment, I swear my pillow shouted my name. So, off I drifted (almost immediately) at 9:30am. I slept like a log. It felt as though I had not even gotten those 7+ hours of rest just a couple of hours prior... I dreamt of painting in the sunshine. I could almost feel the gentle breeze...

At 12:30, the phone rang. It was mom. Had I really slept half of my day away?! As good as my bed felt, I forced myself to crawl to my feet. I was starving, anyway.

We piddled around the house together most of the afternoon, hubby and I. Playing with the puppy, ignoring all the chores that needed done, and talking of how good a Coke sounded right about now. We decided to run to Walmart for a few things (maybe getting out of the house would wake me up). By 4 we were home with our Walmart goodies (if you call razors and a rake goodies), and of course a couple of Cokes.

We rode together to pick up the kids at 5 and deposit our nephew back home. We played with THEIR new puppy for a bit (it appears to be an epidemic!) and then headed out. Back home, the girls and I hung outside for a bit, playing with sidewalk chalk and picking more of the abundant produce from the garden for dinner. Nearly a perfect day, if I do say so myself. (of course I left out the tummy ache I had in the early afternoon & the constant crying/whining by our youngest all evening, but noone wants to hear about that anyway - not even me.)

In fact, I will likely be "sick" again tomorrow. I don't think one day is enough to completely recover from life.

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RisaJ said...

sounds like a perfect day!