...and it feels so good!

Last weekend we took Eli out to our friend's house which happens to be where his sister, Lucy lives. It had been a good 3 weeks since they'd seen each other & we weren't sure how they would react. Low and behold, they truly seemed to remember one another!

Lucy is a really sweet little girl, and I DO mean little. She was nearly half the size of her (apparently huge for the litter) brother!
It didn't take long for them to recognize the other. First, there were the usual "getting to know you's"...
But then is was all kisses and "oh, how I missed you!'s"
They spent the majority of the afternoon hanging out together, enjoying the beautiful day
They also spent a ton of time romping and wrestling. Unfortunately, none of those photos really turned out well. Those little buggers are FAST! I captured 20 shots of two flying furrball blurs... and that was about it. Oh, and us humans had a great afternoon with our friends as well. :o)

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