Where, oh where has our little dog gone?

Eli is making himself quite comfortable in our home and with our family. And we're quite attached to him now as well! He is such a sweet pup. Yes, he does those puppy things - but we don't expect perfection just yet. He's learning quickly though, and I for one, couldn't be happier with him.

He loves to romp and play. He LOVES his toys - especially chewies and his "purple friend" - a stuffed dog he wrestles with by day and snuggles with by night. And recently he's taken to playing hide and seek. Luckily for us, he always hides in the same spot!

Where has Eli gone? We can't find the little guy!

Wait. Is that a little furball I see?

(You lookin for me, mom?)

Yep. There's our little man! Snuggled down in his favorite spot behind the (eh-hem, my) jeans laying over the edge of the tub. (Yeah, so I'm a slob. So sue me ;o)

I don't know what appeals to him so much about this particular spot (other than maybe it smells like my feet! lol), but he spends a fair amount of time there hiding out every day...

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