Sweet Saturday


My Saturday began bright and early as it always seems to anymore. Our new little addition, Eli, woke at the crack of dawn. After a short prance around the front yard with him, he was ready to settle back into his bed. And so was I. Our human baby, on the other hand, had other plans. So, I settled her with Dora and cereal and attempted to crawl back into bed myself. This went on for about an hour or so until I finally got up and started the day. I had plans to meet a friend at the Art Affair (sans children!) at 10, so I shuffled around the house, picking things up, emptying the dishwasher and trying to stir my hubby until it was time to go.

The Art Affair was great. We spent a couple of hours strolling through tents full of handmade treasures and beauties. I have been looking for that inspiration to get me painting again, and that was truly it. (Now I just need to find the time!)

After that, reality hit and I had to run my usual weekend run to the grocery, bank and all that.

Back home again, the girls and I were hanging out back in the kiddie pool, soaking up the July heat when we noticed hubby fiddling in the shed, airing up bicycle tires, and lubing up chains. I guess something struck him, because we spent a couple of hours after that on the bike trail, cruising along as a family in the hot summer breeze. It was so nice. It was big-girl's first time riding her own bike (still with training wheels - my goal is to be rid of them by the end of summer!) We rode 4 miles, got a good workout and all needed a cooldown in the a/c afterwards, but it was worth it. Just what the dr. ordered for my soul. Well, for now anyway.

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Hil said...

Oh I love that pic of the girls and pup!

G just learned to ride two wheeling at the end of the summer, and it was "late" for here. When we were little it was a 3rd grade thing, I remember it distinctly. Kids growing up so fast I tell ya. ;o)