Potty talk

We have had our issues recently with Bug's overuse of the word "poop". Yes. I said it. In fact, she was sent to the daycare director's office this week for a talk about "using our big girl words"... She's not just using it in context either. She adds it to the ends of every sentence she speaks, like it's the period or something! First, we decided to ban the word at all times, except when she's actually IN the bathroom. Makes sense, huh? So, then she began repeating it insanely every single time she's even near a bathroom. Oh, and at that point in time, everyone is a "poopyhead". Ugh. So, now it's a no-no alltogether. Jeesh. The ridiculous things these kids put us through.

Speaking of bathrooms, recently finished painting our master one. It was a long process, requiring two coats of primer, two coats of blue-gray paint & lots of trim work. But, it's done! :o) Now I am working on what to hang on these freshly coated walls. I use to have two Monet prints in there, which I love, but the colors don't work so well anymore. So, what other choice do I have but to produce my own prints ;o) Here's the dilemma... The whole room is now a wash of cream & blue-gray (neutrals). So, do I "add a splash of color", or stick with the current palette? Options for "splash of color":

Or should I stick with the creamy tones & do some upclose shots of flowers or something in sepia tone? Oh, the decisions that face me...

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Roof said...

I would go with sepia tones

Hil said...

Love those!! Do the color!!