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Summer just doesn't feel the way it used to. But I guess as an adult, it's not suppose to. I should have been a teacher or something so I could have still my lazy days by the pool, taking day trips with the kids, doing little projects and popcicles in the sprinkler on these hot days. Instead, I sit in a stuffy office with no windows all day and spend my evenings trying to catch up around the house and possibly squeeze in a little of that precious outdoor time with my girls.

Enough whining though. What little bit of summer I've actually had to enjoy has been fun, and I have these happy's to be thankful for...

The girls are really getting great use out of the $18 Big Lots kiddie pool.

The new puppy is already sleeping through the night and is perfectly crate trained. Now to kick the housebreaking...

Big girl is happy staying home with Daddy 3 days a week to help with Eli and get a little daddy-daughter time in rather than spending the whole summer with friends. Not to mention save us some precious money...

Starting to harvest all kinds of yummies from the garden. The tomatoes plants are crazy huge!

Hubby's Worker's Comp claim has (finally) been reactivated, so hopefully we'll starting seeing the benefits of that soon.

Our "little" girl has moved to the "pre-kindergarten" (Butterfly) room at school this week and seems to be doing awesome!

The annual Art Affair is Saturday and I'm hoping it will be the final inspiration push I need to act on this "need to paint again" feeling I've been feeling lately. I miss it.

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