Gluten for punishment?

So, what do you do when you start to feel the tiniest bit of baby itch, but there is absolutely no way that this is the right time for such an endeavor? Well, in my case, I apparently go to my friend's cookout, fall in love with their new puppy, and decide to go adopt that puppy's brother!

What was I thinking? Right? I finally have my kids all sleeping through the night, a great dog who's all trained up and wonderful. So, apparently I feel the need for a loss of sleep or something... lol. Well, I do have a good excuse. Just look at the little guy!! :o)

We call him Eli.
He has built-in little spectacles and the fluffiest round body. They called him "Oinkers" where he came from, considering he was way bigger than his brothers and sister. I'm sure we're in for a lot of work with him, but the girls love him, Hubby has warmed up extremely fast (not that I expected any less), and I'm lovin sucking in all that new puppy smell!

Even our ole girl seems happy to have him in the family.

They just don't make them much cuter than this...

Cuteness must be in the genes though - just look at his little litter sister, Lucy. She's just as sweet!

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Roof said...

SOOOO cute! Love the pictures, I swear they were born models

Jaimee said...

OMG! He's sooo cute! I'm still digging in my heals to getting a dog, maybe next year!

Hil said...

How cute is he?!