Better late than never

Life has been chaotic again. I have had every intention of posting here every day this week, and so this morning I decided to hurry up and just get it done before realizing that I've arrived at work and there is a giant pile on my desk...

Happy (belated) Birthday America!
We had a great weekend at home. No real plans. No huge projects. Just us, at home. Trying not to drive each other crazy. The girls and I spent some time out in the yard, soaking up rays and splashing in the kiddie pool. Sunday evening, we braved the crowds and drove up to our small town airport for the fireworks. The big girl loved every minute of it. The littler one was not so sure. She has issues with loud noises, but seemed content to sit in the back of the truck with her hands over her ears & sneaking a peek at the pretties in the sky when she felt like it. Hey, at least she wasn't screaming like years past ;o)

You ever feel like you're living for the weekends? It's cliche, I know, but seriously. During the week, we muddle through our regular routine of work and preschool and hubby sitting at home trying to feel better. It seems that nothing productive gets done at home during the week, save an unload and load of the dishwasher and maybe a load of laundry (which remains unfolded until the pile grows so that I can't see over it anymore). But then, what is the weekend for anyway? Recooping from the week and relaxing, right? So then, when am I suppose to catch up on that pile? Yeah, that's what I thought. So, if you come to my house, just ignore those piles, alright? I'm doing the best I can with the time I have. And life full of laundry and grime is not life, so I choose to recoop and relax instead. Life is short afterall.

(A shot of a small plane coming in for a landing in "fireworks mode" -- pretty cool, I thought)

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Roof said...

LOVE your fireworks pics! Those are great!