All the way back to the wild, wild west

Yeah, yeah, yeah - it's been almost two weeks, but look! I'm finally going to tell you about the big show... Our big girl has had a busy couple of weeks. She finished up first grade, finished a round of swimming lessons and also finished off a whole year of dance class. They've spent a big part of that year preparing for this one night - The Big Recital. They did SO great! Despite it being 1000 degrees in the auditorium and an extremely long night of performance after performance, it was actually a pretty good time. We were so proud of our girl. She never seems to get nervous or butterflies or anything about being up on stage. She sure didn't inherit that from her mama!

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Roof said...

That is soooooo cute! I love the outfits! do you get to keep them? Great pics Ang, especially for inside.

Roof said...

Forgot! Love the new look!