It's all good (well, almost)

But once again I'm feeling the need to focus on the good things today. I guess that's one more perk about weekends - ignoring as much of the bad as possible - heck, there's nothing we can do about it today anyway. Right? ;o)

Today's good:

Big girl deciding she was old enough to actually pay attention and participate in mass this morning.

Having helpful family members who volunteer to keep the little one on Sunday mornings since she is most decidedly NOT ready to sit through mass peacefully yet.

Mom's covered front porch and the slightest breeze.

Cherry limeade.

The nostalgia of a spin up the street on a bicycle.

An impromptu water fight with the hose (and the fact that they were still in church clothes was not the end of the world. Yes, this mother has learned to relax about the little things. Finally!)

A free Batman slip-n-slide.

Sunshine + water + tea bags.

A trunk-full of gifted daisies and daffodil bulbs and time to dig in the dirt on a beautiful summer-like day.

Home-grown strawberries. Two.

Another inspirational day with camera in hand...

Back to reality in the morning, I suppose.

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1 comment:

Roof said...

Hang in there! Times are tough right now!