These girls


These two are everything that I always imagined sisters to be. Having only had a brother myself, the "sisters" dynamic was something I knew I would have to adapt to with two daughters of my own.

When we first brought our second girl home from the hospital, I was totally shocked at the complete absence of any hints of jealousy from her big sister. And lucky us, this continued all the way until the little one was mobile enough to interfere with her sister's play. Apparently, she is content with sharing our time and attention, but when it came to her toys, forgetaboutit. A bit later, the sibling rivalry arrived in full force and has held strong ever since. However, as much as they bicker and fight and pull hair, I can honestly say that there is a love there as strong as I've ever seen. You can feel the bond between them when the other enters the room. It is beautiful. They are protective of each other in any given situation, except from each other... THEY are the only ones allowed to pick on the other. Period. And I suppose that is the way it should be.

As for the fighting and all that, I'm hoping it is an age thing, or just a phase. I'm sure it'll only get worse as they grow into teenagers, but someday they will hopefully recognize that built-in best friend that I always wished for each of them. There was never a moment when I was content to have just one child. I wanted to give my child everything I possibly could in life, including a sibling to belong to. I guess that's a start.

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