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So, if you've been hanging around my blog at all over the past while, you may (or may not) have noticed that it tends to go through fairly regular overhauls in style. I have no explanation for this other than I am not easy to please. Or at least, to keep pleased for very long. Not that you didn't know that already. Oh, yes you did. Just read the name of this blog, for pete's sake!

Anywho, I just can't seem to be perfectly happy with one look for more than a few days. It's almost like it needs to change with my mood or something. This current little ditty caught my eye because it reminds me of spring, and evening. My two most favorite times. Enjoy it, while it lasts!

More random ranting later, I promise.

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1 comment:

Roof said...

Always love your Changes Ang! Even sometimes daily!Ha