Mind of mush

There are times that I feel like I am actually on top of things. Work goes smoothly, I manage the kids without much hassle, everyone seems to be getting along fairly well in my little spec in the universe. But then there is the other 89% of the time... like today. I have tons of valid (in my mushy mind) excuses for this lack of sanity, but I'll leave those alone for now. It's days like this that I begin to feel overwhelmed and the bits of my mind seem to scatter in a million directions.

Today I realized that our family vacation that I planned about a month ago happens to fall on the same weekend as my big girl's much-anticipated dance recital. WHAT!? I was sitting in my office going through my date book in an attempt to find an ounce of time in our busy schedules to add in swim lessons, when it hit me. O.M.G. What am I going to do?! I panicked. I called mom & and hubby. I almost cried out of frustration with myself. Where has my brain gone?? It seems like the past couple of weeks have been a slew of my forgetfulness being shoved into the forefront. Stupid things, like forgetting to take out that bag of trash (which I has strategically placed in the middle of the floor so I would not forget it), to forgetting to pick my daughter up from school yesterday (which turned out to be not so bad, I got a GREAT parking spot getting there so late & didn't even have to sit outside and wait for her class to come out...). There are countless other "forgottens" that I could go on about, but quite frankly, I can't actually remember them all! Good grief. Somebody get me some ginko or something!!

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Roof said...

Happened to me too many times! Love the shot