Dreaming in macro

There was a recent photography assignment on Pioneer Woman that forced me back into an old favorite type of photography. MACRO. My camera is decent at it - not great - but decent, so I've been playing a lot lately. Of course the colorful blooms all over are contributing to this new obsession. What great timing Mother Nature! She grows such beautiful creations that I just can't help but try to capture them in some new way. I'll admit that while it's easy to capture the beauty of a flower, it is quite difficult to capture them in some new and creative way, but it's fun nonetheless.

But I am really making an effort to not shoot all flowers during this little macro (no pun intended) phase I'm going through... my girls amazing eyes have made quite interesting subjects as well!

There is just something about macro photography that lets us see the world in a different way, a new way. Simply another way of noticing the unnoticed, I suppose.

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1 comment:

Roof said...

Your not the only one! All I see is macro lately! And in my dreams!Your pics are great! I totally agree, most of us never take the time to stop and really look at the most beautiful things around us(like the inside of the flower or the texture of the flower or just the seed!) Very inspiring