Do you speak Chloenese?

I do. Or at least I thought I did. She has become a bit harder to understand as she's been trying to talk faster these days. She's also becoming more and more easily frustrated when we CAN'T understand her. Bug's Apraxia is something that she has been going to speech therapy for for over a year now, and sure, there's been improvement, but sometimes it's still hard to deal with. And I am worried (of course, what else would I be?). I am worried that every year when she starts with a new teacher, she will have issues with them not understanding her until they learn to speak what we call "Chloenese" - her very own language. I am worried that she will be mistaken for dumb when she is one of the smartest kids her age that I know, all because of her speech issues. Most days I try to think of it as a small problem that we are doing what we can to work through. Afterall, there are so many worse things that could happen. And then some days I feel the weight of it bearing down on me - usually on those days when we're all frustrated with each other due to the lack of communication. And I'll admit that those days are sometimes my fault, caused by my lack of patience with her and inability to stop and really listen to her. Sigh. I love this little girl more than any actual words can say...

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