Round Two

Today I took hubby in for his second round of epidural steroid injections. Luckily, this time seemed to go a lot more smoothly than last time (meaning this time the doc didn't jam it directly into a nerve making him feel like his left pinky toe was about to blow off). Thank goodness.

Now I'm just crossing my fingers that this round doesn't "make him mean" (there is no other way to describe it), like they have in the past. So far, so good, but the nurse said they take 3-5 days to fully take affect, so we shall see... They ARE steroids afterall.

On the way back into town we stopped to stretch our legs and shoot a couple of photos of a covered bridge. He has decided he wants to be included in my new "Noticers" group, and I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised! We both have pics posted on the new blog of our little jont around the bridge, and we even have a few additional members in the group now. I'm starting to feel extremely good about this! Yay! I put a button off to the right somewhere over there ----->
linking to The Noticers blog, if you'd like to check it out.

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