It's coming on

I can feel it. My creative juices are starting to flow a little bit. Not enough to actually get me up off of the couch yet, but close. Very close.

I think it might have something to do with spring. Yes, there is still a ton of snow on the ground and it's frigid as heck, but it's March! Yes, finally March. At that means it can't be that far off now, right?

I have been using hubby's laptop a lot lately. This means a couple of things: #1 - I am online a lot a home now instead of doing other more productive things, all because I don't have to get up from my comfy seat and stroll across the room to my desktop in order to do so. #2 - While I AM online a lot more, I am also not on MY computer which is where my photos and photoshop reside, thus my photo blog is way behind. Yikes! I just realized I'm about two weeks behind on it. I guess I have some major catching up to do! I also realize that I am nearing the end of my year project in a couple of weeks. The year truly did fly. Hopefully these next few weeks of winter will too.

p.s. I just stole this out of my email outbox from earlier, just to show that yes, I am still taking photos even if the proof is yet to be seen :o) Enjoy this little monster who belongs to my cousin - he's growing so fast!

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