A break in the clouds

Now that I have fully explained the funk that has surrounded me for a couple of weeks, I would like to share the "silver lining" of it all. Because, yes, I do believe there is always a silver lining.

Nothing is more comforting than the feeling that all of these hardships are just drawing my hubby and I closer together. Despite the serious discussions that have to be had and the obvious tension and anxiety in the air, I can feel the bond between us strengthening all the time. We have been a couple for a very long time - since a week after I turned 16, in fact. We have been through so many life-altering events together, both ecstatic and excruciating, but we have never failed to support one another in the best way we knew how. I think we have both learned to completely accept eachother's flaws and I feel so truly blessed to have found my soul mate so early in my life. I just love that man more than words can say... so I won't even try.

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1 comment:

Roof said...

That is sooo sweet Ang! I am so happy for you!