Dancing Days

Wednesdays are Dancing Days. At least for my oldest girl they are. She is good at it and absolutely loves it, so how could I say no? The first week of the month (which also happens to be the same week payment is due...) is parent watch day. So yesterday I went with camera in tow. She is so use to seeing that thing pointed at her now, she barely even blinks an eye! lol.

This girl thinks she is hot stuff...

They start with a warm-up, of course. And by now they all have the routine down perfectly. The go from stretches to sit-ups to simple ballet moves. When it comes to that, my girl has almost perfect form. Not that I'm biased or anything ;o)

It is a combined ballet, jazz, tumbling class and she really enjoys all aspects of it, but the girl is a dancer at heart. She is completely excited about being in the bright lights on stage for her recital in May, where as I would have been terrified of the thought at her age. What can I say, I suppose she got some good qualities from her Daddy afterall ;o)

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1 comment:

Jaimee said...

Oh my gosh! I was a dancer and that girl is good, you can just tell! She does have perfect form, look at her!!! I can't believe she is only 6, get he in more classes, she's a star!