These are a few of our fa-vor-ite things

The other day I decided to steal an idea from another mom's blog that I read regularly and start taking little photographic snippits of what my girls are into at any given time. I have a feeling that some "favorites" might make it in for quite a while, but it ought to be interesting to watch as their interests evolve and change over time.

Here are a few of Midget's favorites for the moment:
The one item that will surely make the list for quite a while is "Bunny", of course. She has been around for almost 7 years, but is still the ultimate MUST at bedtime every night. She is also very into Polly Pockets. It helps that she has an enormous tub of them, including a variety of playsets, cars and cruise ships to help fuel her fantasies. She can spend hours cooped up her room with those Polly's. Another thing that she spends hours doing in her room is listening to music. This girl loves her tunes. She'll sing right along at the top of her lungs, half the time dancing around like a goofball while she does. And last, but not least, she is really starting to love books again. Especially the ones she can read herself, or to us. She is so proud of how much she's learned this year, and so is her mama!

Bug also has some strong favorites these days:
She spends so much time on the floor in front of the refrigerator anymore, if she not in the room with us, we're sure to find her there. She loves lining up her letters, talking to them, naming them, and even sometimes singing songs about them. It's so cute and it keeps her entertained for so long. Dora has been a big deal for her for quite a while, but in recent weeks, its particularly been about THIS chair. God forbid anyone else try to sit in it! Good thing Sissy is content to sit in the Boots chair across from her ;o) Bug's major must-have at bedtime is surely her blue blankie, but not just the blankie itsself, but THIS TAG. She must be holding this tag in her little hand to fall asleep. Weird, I know, but she is my daughter afterall, right? She has also recently snatched her very own "bunny" from her cousin and claimed it as her own. Forget that it looks more like a puppy then a bunny. You can't convince her otherwise, that's for sure.

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