I am in a rotten mood this afternoon, so let me start by warning you that this will probably not be one of those uplifting sort of posts. Sorry, but that's just life. Sometimes it's just rotten. And I'm going to talk about it.

I've talked before about my Bug's issues with speech. Before she turned three, we noticed she was not speaking quite as clearly and eloquently as most of her classmates. She was right up there with them on development and motor skills, it was entirely a speech thing. So, I started looking into getting her into speech therapy. We have this awesome preschool here in town for developmentally challenged tots and I thought we could at least get her into weekly therapy there or something. I called to sign her up for a screening & found out that even though we LIVE IN the county they provide for, and we LIVE IN the exact same postal town as they are located, they would not help her because we live on some sort of invisible border and our school district is actually located in the next county over. Apparently the whole thing is funded by school districts. That is also the same awful reason that we have to go through a drawn-out paperwork process for open enrollment to get our big girl into the schools that are actually close to our work and home.... Anyway, long story short, we got her started in weekly therapy at the hospital & she's been doing great. Lots of improvement, the speech pathologist is awesome, the only problem: it's costing us a bundle. $30 copays after insurance. That really adds up when you're going every single week & are already broke to begin with. So, we started going every-other-week instead to try and afford it. I just feel so awful about it. She obviously needs it, and it's working - slowly. That "awesome" preschool even has a person they send to the preschool that she goes to every week to work with kids, but will they help mine?! NO! Ugh. I've been so revved up about this all afternoon because per Bug's teacher's suggestion, I called again to try and play dumb about my school district & see if we can get her some free help. NO SUCH LUCK. They were on to me right away. "YES, I live in the county." "YES, I live in the town." "Uh, my other daughter goes to the city schools". Nope. She had to go and look it up and refuse my baby help once again. It just got me rawled up all over again... AAARRRRGGGHHH!

It just kills me to see her struggle with speech. I want to make it all easy for her and make her able to talk to her friends just as well as anyone else. Just look at this face. She deserves that and so much more.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your struggles! I can understand the frustration. I know how much more of a drive it is to go to the school district that you are actually in. Have you thought of going straight to the school board in your town and trying to go from there. Print out two mapquests and prove to them how much further it is.Have Bugs teacher write a request for you that you can take with you and maybe your current therapist, PLEAD YOUR CASE. Maybe they can vote. Try, try, try to find a loop hole! there has to be one. There always is. I will do my best to help you find it!
Love ya,