Maybe it's just me, but I think that some days I just feel my love a little deeper than other days. Today was like that for me. The first day of Christmas break for the girls and we spent a great low-key day just the three of us. We ran some errands, grabbed drive-thru lunch and crashed together to watch a movie. When we all snuggled together in a chair to read the stack of books we had picked up at the library earlier, our little Bug conked out in my arms. I don't think I've ever actually READ anyone to sleep before. It was oh-so sweet. It was such a warm feeling crammed in that chair with my two baby girls this afternoon. I guess it was another "mommy moment", if you will. Only this time there were not tears ;o)

It's hard to believe that Christmas is almost here again and the year will soon be over. My baby will turn seven years old soon after, and time will continue to roll on. I wish everyone who might read this a Happy Holiday - whichever you prefer to celebrate - and much happiness in the new year! And as always, thanks for your company here in my little space.

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