Hey! Look at me! I'm writing a little diddly about what I did over the weekend! Aren't you proud?

Anywho... I had a nice weekend full of too much good food & not enough sleep, but isn't that what weekends are for? Saturday we vegged out most of the morning, with the exception of a solo trip to the grocery store. After that, we took my hubby all over God's green earth in hopes that he would find something that he would like from us for his birthday. This, because I can't seem to do this for him anymore. I mean, after (what is it?) 13 years, I've plumb run out of ideas for him... and apparently he has too, b/c he couldn't find one darned thing that he wanted that didn't cost an arm & a leg! I did, however, talk him into taking the girls out to dinner to the most awesome bbq smokehouse around. That was great! We actually sat down together as a family, at a restaurant, and had a nice meal. Trust me, this is a rarity for us (and a big treat for me!)
Here's a quick shot of Hubby's ribs - mmmm... (yeah, I take the camera everywhere - and yeah, people are annoyed by it - hehe!)

After dinner, we headed home to suit the girls up for round two of trick-or-treating. We had taken them on Thursday night up around town, and tonight was around Mawmaw's neighborhood. My little Snow White & Witch were so cute!

Sunday was Hubby's actual 31st birthday. The girls woke him up with hand-made cards & coffee, then we left for church, leaving him home alone. Yes, this sounds kind of rude, but he actually prefers spending his Sundays in peace. Can't say that I blame him, lucky guy. Mom wound up taking the girls and I out for ENDLESS shrimp for lunch. I love that women.

We followed that up with a waddle through Sears to finally scrounge up a birthday present for the poor guy :o)

Last evening we all sat around, eating even more bbq & trying to keep our eyes open. The time change on Sunday night just about did us in. Bug is still waking at 6:30 instead of her usual 7:30 (the girl's got some kind of crazy internal clock like I've never seen!)

To top the weekend off, I woke bright and early this morning with the bug only to find a nice little gift waiting for me outside our bedroom door... a HEADLESS mouse! Thanks kitties, just how I wanted this week to begin! Ugh.

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1 comment:

Robin said...

Mmmm...thanks, Ang! Now I totally want ribs... or shrimp! lol

So besides a nice meal, what did Chris end up with for his birthday gift? I always had a hard time with that too. ;)

The girls looked adorable!! I'm sure they had a blast. :)