A tale of two teeth

It's been a busy week for the tooth fairy around these parts. Our not-so-little-anymore first grader decided to go on a loose-tooth-spree ;o) Early last week, we noticed that both of her top front teeth were starting to get really wiggly. She had become an expert at biting food off with her back teeth & avoiding those front ones at all costs. I suppose her anxiety was about having a toothless grin this week for picture day. Anyway, regardless of how hard she tried, they kept getting wigglier & finally decided to let us pull the loosest one. It was torture, let me tell you, but it finally popped!
It was not the first tooth she's lost - she actually lost her bottom front two earlier this year, but there's just something about losing those front teeth. It's momentous!
The tooth fairy rewarded her nicely with a cutely folded dollar bill tucked neatly into the special little ceramic tooth box she had left beside her bed.

Not more than two days later, she came home from school with that other front tooth just plain dangling from her gums! It had moved to the middle and she was looking quite snaggle-tooth if I do say so myself ;o) That thing could fold flat in every direction, but did not want to budge! That is, until Daddy stuck his finger in there to give it a wiggle & the little stinker decided to bite his finger -- out that thing popped!
I guess that tooth fairy was going to have to make a quick return trip to our house this week ;o)

So much for that perfect pearly smile for picture day tomorrow. I suppose this is the way first grade school photos are suppose to look anyway... say cheese silly girl!

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Robin said...

OH HOW CUTE! Mari STILL has not lost any!