A return to bloghood

I bet when you read that I was looking forward to "a break", you didn't think I meant an entire month away from this space as well. Yeah, well, I didn't exactly plan it, but that seems to be what happened. I guess I was busy. Busy with kids. Busy with work. Busy with summer. Busy with life. REALLY busy with LIFE. But we won't get into that right now. Right now I want to share a glimpse of where I've been for the past month, so here goes...

It's been a pretty nice summer, I suppose. Time together, time outside, time reading & relaxing, time sunning (& burning), time healing, soul searching and loving.

And now it feels like summer is almost at an end, with the school year beginning in less than a week. In a week I will have a first grader/ballerina in training, an official preschooler, a (finally, although temporary) first-shift hubby, and a new schedule to get used to again. I love this time of year, actually. Things feel new, and I'm not just talking about the school supplies. A change of pace. A change of routine. It's strange that I would look forward to this considering how I feel about change, but this year it feels welcome.

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