The darndest things


Bug has been doing and saying the cutest little things lately. Okay, there is no denying I'm a little biased, but c'mon, she really is adorable, huh?

The one that sticks to my mind at the moment would be last night. I was laying in her bed with her, snuggling a little before tucking her in. We were laying face-to-face, a few inches apart. Both of us half-dozing, slow breathing, totally relaxed. I love moments like this. Anywho, out of nowhere, she lifts her little pudgy hand to my chin, lifts my eyes up to her now wide-awake gaze, and says with complete seriousness "Mommy, I'm your friend?" It was sort of a half-statement, half-question. She was looking for reassurance. "Yes, honey," I replied, not able to hide my giant grin, "You are my friend."

I just love that girl.

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Robin said...

That's really cute, Ang. :)

Anonymous said...