Been beaching

I have come to the conclusion that if your post cards arrive home the same day you do, your vacation was not nearly long enough.

Seriously, though. We had a really nice time. I was able to introduce my hubby and both girls to the ocean for the very first time, relax a little, play a little, swim a little and take some photos (quite a few more than a little). It's funny how normal life feels slightly different after you've been away. I kind of like it. It's the same old thing, but it feels a little bit new again. I do miss the beach though. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Everyone had a great time. Hubby enjoyed playing in the waves with the girls and helping them build what turned out to be a "sand volcano". Midget loved everything about it - well, except for getting saltwater in her mouth... She said she wishes it (the hotel) was our house! She was so into playing in the water and sand, the pool, collecting seashells, going new places, everything. Her swimming has even improved a bit & she can now swim unassisted under water for about 10 feet! Bug, on the other hand, took a little time to warm up to it all, but was basking in the fun of everything by the time we had to go. It was hilarious to watch her reaction to the waves the first day. She'd stand at the edge of the sand, watching the waves lap up towards her, and when one appeared like it was about to reach her toes, she would book it up the beach as fast as her little legs could go (way farther than necessary), screaming. She sure loved the pools, though. My little fish would play for hours in the water if I let her. There was a great kiddy pool section at our hotel where I could lounge and watch the girls play the day away in 1-foot deep water, sprayers, dump buckets and all that.

And the absolute biggest thing that happened to our big girl was this (and she didn't even wimper! My brave girl!):

There is absolutely no way to capture the magic of being by the sea. I love the sand, the salty air, the feeling of the water lapping your toes, the sand swallowing your feet more with each passing wave. I had a wonderful time and we all created so many memories to cherish together. I was even able to have a little me time for picture-taking and stretching out on the beach alone. And in the meantime, I somehow unknowingly was able to check a few items from my list. You know, this list. It was exactly what our family needed.

After we left Myrtle Beach, we made a stop on the way home to one of our favorite zoos. It was another great day for all of us -- hot as heck - but great. There were new baby tiger cubs and we were even able to feed the giraffes this time. Bug absolutely loved the train ride. Midget loved seeing the baby tigers and her favorite - the flamingos (well, because they're pink, of course!)

A full week away from our regular every-days, and now we're back into the swing of things, I think. Hubby doesn't go back to work until tomorrow (lucky him), but we're back to the house to clean, laundry to do, yard to mow, work to do, projects to continue. I guess you could say we are happy to be home. Going away is a lot of fun, but when it comes down to it, it's also exhausting. I think Bug does a good job of showing exactly how we're all feeling now...

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Robin said...

Oh Ang,
I did NOT know about your list, but I love it. Love that you have a list...and I love that you were able to check off some fabulous experiences. Life just gets richer, doesn't it? :o)

Jaimee said...

Great picture!!!! Love the Beach ones the most. And Chloe must have had a great day to conk out like that in the car. Hooray for a great vacation!