When they are sleeping, I want to lean over the girls and inhale them: the flutter of their lips when they snore their tufty little snores, the perfect crescents of their lashes, the way their hair curls against their heads in little sleep sweat. The way her hand reaches out to her sibling without her knowing it, the way they are sisters.

I could have written this paragraph. Well, not quite as eloquently, but with shared depth in meaning, anyway. I borrowed this excerpt from the book I am currently reading: Tilt by Elizabeth Burns. It is a beautiful and heartbreaking book and I am being sucked in further by the day. I can relate to her. Not necessarily in the "I have an autistic daughter, a bipolar husband and my best friend just died of cancer" kind of way, but in others. She is a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter. The words in this book flow exactly like my thoughts. Totally random. Usually negative, although she hates that about herself. She questions herself and her thoughts like I do. She seems so real. Especially for a made-up character in a book. She has totally captured me, and I'm not even half-way through the read yet. Sigh.

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Robin said...

I got watery eyes just reading that because I can totally relate too, and yes, I HAD thought you wrote it. :) You never cease to amaze me, so WHY NOT?