It's a raku party!


To celebrate the last of our Clay classes, our teacher invited us all to his home studio to try out a different form of glaze firing - raku. It's a lot quicker than the normal 10-hour glaze firing, so not only does it give you immediate results, but it also gives you really neat crackle or shiny finishes. Plus you get to play with fire! (or at least watch other people play ;o)

Raku was fun, but getting to check out his studio and beautiful property was even better. An 1800's era house in the woods with huge private studio, smoke house, gardens and old falling-down barn. There were lots of little nooks and crannies to explore, and lots of little details to capture with both my minds eye and my lens. I enjoyed myself, soaking in all of the creative vibes and peacefulness of it all. I just hope it will last me until the next time I get a chance to treat myself to a little me time.

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