Aimless ponderings

It's been a full week. A funeral on Monday, the girls started at the new daycare on Tuesday, Clay on Wednesday, and work just about killed me yesterday. I'm hoping to simply survive the day and head home for a hopefully relaxing weekend. Hopefully.

Just a bunch of random thoughts cluttering up my mind this morning. Random thoughts and random photos, I guess. It's "tree week" over at Project 365 & you'd think it would be easy seeing we're completely surrounded by trees here in this lovely little tree-lined-street town. The problem: they all sort of look the same. Ah well, it's only a week. Next week I'll be obsessing on something else, I'm sure.

This will be the last week for my Clay class, and it's been totally enjoyable. Time for me, time for creativity, time with friends. I've learned a couple of things and gotten to "play in the mud" :o) How could you not enjoy that? I may even miss it a little.

Summer is starting to fill the air. I love that feeling, even though my summers are no longer any different than my winters, work-wise. Warm days, sunshine, the windows open, the smell of fresh-cut grass and people grilling out. Hmmm. Playing outside, getting dirty and wet and it being okay. Blowing bubbles and watering the garden. Oh, and most of all this year - vacation is looming nearer! I can't wait to introduce the girls (and their daddy!) to the ocean and the beach.

On a totally different note (I did title it aimless for a reason ;o), down the street from our house is a farm. Well, more than one, but on this particular farm is a cow pasture which we drive past every morning on the way in. Pretty typical cow pasture. It's always been there, they pretty much always look the same. Well, last summer we noticed something in the field that didn't quite look like it belonged. There were some black cows, some white cows, same as usual; but hanging out amidst them? This guy:

Cute, isn't he? Curious the way he mingles with his friends, the cows. Does he think he is a cow? Or does he know he's different, and he's okay with it? Everyone seems to accept each other just fine, lucky for them. Every day we look for "Donkey", picking him out of the crowd. Usually he's smack in the middle of the herd, like he's the "cool guy" and everyone just wants to be near him. On those days, he's sort of hard to pick out, but lucky for us his ears give him away.

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